Committee-itis: Sitting on a Committee
Committee-itis: Sitting on a Committee

Committee-itis: Sitting on a Committee

Author(s):   Hazel Edwards & Jean Roberts
Illustrator:   Jane Cafarella: Cartoonist
ISBN:   Committee-itis

A light hearted look at the pleasures and pitfalls of sitting on a committee. 

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'Committee-itis' is a virus which infects committees. This book is preventative medicine: the solution to the symptoms which plague most community, school and corporate committees.

Ever suffered from:

  • rash decisions?
  • memory loss?
  • fatigue?

Using cartoons and humour 'Committee-itis' tackles the symptoms.

'Committee-itis' demystifies committee dynamics and procedures, offers diagnoses  and examines a range of remedies and survival strategies. It then moves on to explain varous infection-avoidance techniques.

Co-author Jean Roberts is an experienced manager, while Hazel Edwards avoids all committees, but provided the title for the book and the naive questions.

Satirical scenarios (The Minutes of Time) and activities ( Committee Hat Tricks) for weekend retreats or seminars  are a fun way of exploring the techniques and have been extremely popular with all ages.

A satirical look at committees, but with real strategies & checklists. Great gift, especially for the treasurer.

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