Healthy Women: Getting the Balance Right
Healthy Women: Getting the Balance Right

Healthy Women: Getting the Balance Right

Author(s):   Hazel edwards
ISBN:   094727779

Candid interviews about 'balancing' life choices. How high profile & so-called 'ordinary' females deal with their work, family, home , friends , health and fun. Real role models.

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In 'Healthy Women; Getting the Balance Right'  Hazel Edwards interviews 'real' women, some of whom are well known,such as Qantas chair Margaret Jackson, or radio's Julie Mc Crossin, about how they balance their lives. Each has dealt with health issues: What do these women have in common? The female health balancing act. Fitting in exercise, healthy food, work, partner and family, travel, domesticity and time for others is a challenge.And how do they cope with loss,chronic illness or disability? How many of them actually like thier own bodies? In this book, women of all ages , cultures and backgrounds share the positives of how they balance their physical, mental and emotional health in practical ways. Doing the best with what you've got, seems to be a common strategy.

Some secondary schools discuss these 'real' women as role models about life choices, rather than unrealistic, ultra thin 'celebs'.

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