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P.R.O.V.  1st Friday each month  10-1pm   'Non Fiction, Book-length Projects'

January 6th 10-1pm Public Record Office, Nth Melbourne.

January 10th   U3A  Writing a Non Boring Memoir 

January 26th   Australia Day  Shrine of Remembrance OAM Assoc.

March 1st (Weds)  2.20 ABC Melbourne Radio with Clare Bowditch

April 20th  10-3pm  Yarra Ranges Museum, Lilydale  'Writing a Non Boring History or Memoir'

April 22nd  12-1pm Panel Fitzroy Town Hall 

May  3rd   4.30-6pm  Immigration Museum: 'Creativity Keynote ' Arts Learning Conference     

May 25 - 31st Darwin 

June 10th  Sat 10-1pm  Wordfest  Mount Waverley Library 'Writing a Non Boring Family Histor or Memoir' 

June 17th 10-1pm  Brunswick Foundling Archive: Master Class

June 13/14th  10-3pm  Yarram Library, SALE  Writing a Non Boring Family History  Book here. 

July 12th Weds  Vic Writers Centre 10-4pm Authorpreneurship Book here. 

August 8th  Tues CANBERRA  Chapman Primary

August 12th  10-1pm Master Class Brunswick Foundling Archive

August 21st    Hume Grammar visit 11.30 

August 24th 2pm Beverley Hills Primary (Doncaster)

August  18-25 Chn Book Week: 'Escape to Everywhere' theme.

Sept 8-10th  HNSA Conference, Swinburne, Authopreneurship

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